Washed Silica Sand

High Purity Washed Silica Sand

High Purity

purity is crucial for washed silica sand, especially in applications where contaminants can affect the end product’s quality. Low levels of impurities such as clay, organic matter, and other minerals ensure optimal performance and durability.

Particle Size Distribution

The particle size distribution of washed silica sand determines its suitability for various applications. Consistency in particle size ensures uniformity in the material’s performance and behavior.


Washed Silica Sand is highly esteemed for its remarkable hardness, a characteristic that enhances its abrasion resistance and durability across various applications, including sandblasting, foundry casting, and construction. Its elevated hardness levels signify superior resistance to wear and deformation, ensuring prolonged performance and reliability.

  • High purity
  • Natural abundance
  • Excellent workability
  • High heat resistance
  • Optimal filtration properties
  • Easy transportability

Perfect Washed Silica Sand for your applications

Elevate your projects to unparalleled levels of excellence with MEREN’s premium Washed Silica Sand, meticulously crafted to surpass industry standards in every facet. Whether you require finely ground particles for high-purity applications, exceptional abrasion resistance, or superior heat tolerance, our Washed Silica Sand ensures unmatched performance. Rely on MEREN’s product versatility and reliability to meet and exceed your expectations, empowering your endeavors with the finest quality Washed Silica Sand available.

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“Silica Sand Washed” in varying sizes (200-500 and 500-1000) microns is a vital product in our portfolio here at MEREN. Our washed silica sand undergoes meticulous processing to ensure exceptional quality and consistency. Whether it’s for industrial, commercial, or scientific purposes, our washed silica sand is renowned for its purity and uniformity, making it a preferred choice across various sectors. With MEREN’s commitment to excellence, you can trust in the superior quality and reliability of our washed silica sand, meeting the diverse needs of our valued customers with precision and dedication.

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